New Name, Same Great Service

New Name, Same Great Service

Same Great Service at BK Restoration and Remodeling

Bartolome & Koepke Contracting Co., Inc. was established several years ago, and in 2005, the business decided to change its name to BK Restoration & Remodeling. The reason behind the name change was to make it easier for customers to remember and pronounce the company’s name. The new name reflects the company’s core values of providing high-quality restoration and remodeling services to residential and commercial properties.

Although the name has changed, the commitment to excellent service remains the same. BK Restoration & Remodeling still employs the same team of experienced and highly skilled professionals who work tirelessly to deliver outstanding results to their clients. The company offers a wide range of services, including water damage restoration, mold remediation, fire damage restoration, and general remodeling services.

If you are familiar with Bartolome & Koepke Contracting Co., Inc., don’t worry, everything is the same except for the name. The company still provides the same great service, only now under a new name that’s easier to remember.

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