Our New Location

Our New Location

We have a new location! 2007 was a time of change for BK Restoration & Remodeling. Our office had been located at 4535 Normal Blvd. for approximately 20 years. As time went on, the company grew and 550 square feet of office space was

BK Restoration & Remodeling underwent a significant transformation in 2007 as it moved to a new location. The company had been operating from its previous office at 4535 Normal Blvd. for almost two decades, but as the company expanded, the existing 550 square feet of office space proved to be insufficient.

After careful consideration, the company decided to move its office to a new location at 8033 S. 15th St., STE D, in November of 2007. The new office space boasts an area of 1,500 square feet, more than double the size of the previous location. The larger area has allowed the company to provide each of its three general contractors with their own dedicated workspace, which was not possible in the previous office.

The new office space has been a welcome addition to the company’s growing business, providing a more comfortable and spacious environment for its employees and customers alike. The move has helped the company enhance its services and improve its operations, marking a significant milestone in its journey towards success.

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