Ceresco Storm Damage

Ceresco Storm Damage

The summer of 2008 was a challenging time for Ceresco and the surrounding areas of Lincoln, NE. A series of violent storms swept through the region, wreaking havoc on homes and properties. The storms were relentless, unleashing a barrage of tornadoes, strong winds, and hail that caused extensive damage to the community. 

Our company played a critical role in the recovery efforts, working tirelessly to restore around thirty homes in Ceresco and nearby areas that were damaged by the storms. Our skilled team of professionals tackled a wide range of repairs, from fixing damaged roofs and walls to replacing shattered windows. 

The restoration process was extensive, and our team was committed to ensuring that every repair was completed to the highest standards. We worked closely with homeowners to understand their needs and concerns, offering guidance and support throughout the restoration process. 

Despite the challenges, we take pride in our work and the role we played in helping the community get back on its feet. It was an honor to work with the people of Ceresco during this difficult time, and we remain committed to providing exceptional service and support whenever it is needed.

Our BK Restoration Disaster Team handled both small and large-scale projects. We replaced broken windows, damaged roofs, and missing or damaged siding. Additionally, entire sections of homes were reconstructed after being destroyed by tornadoes. We ensured that both plumbing and electrical systems were restored promptly and efficiently. Lincoln also suffered significant damage from wind, rain, and hail. Trees damaged roofs, pitted siding with hail, and rain entered homes. We were able to repair the water damage and repair much of what the damaging winds destroyed.

Natural disasters such as tornadoes, floods, and fire can wreak havoc on our homes and our lives. BK Restoration & Remodeling is ready, willing, and able to help reconstruct your home or property after the storm has passed, whether it be hail damage, fire restoration, smoke remediation, or water damage. Our motto: “Buildings Reconstructed, Lives Restored.”

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